Business Solutions Synergy Team

The Business Solutions Synergy Team is typically made up of the following professions:

  • Computer Repair Services
  • Office Euipment Sales
  • Telephone Services
  • Commercial Insurance Agents
  • Website Designers
  • Payroll Services Sales
  • Promotional Products Sales
  • Office Supplies Sales
  • Graphic Artist Services
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents
  • Credit Card Sales
  • Health and Safety Consultants
  • Management Consultants
  • Leasing Agents
  • Printing Services
  • Advertisng Sales

The preceding is simply a list of professions that tend to have natural business synergies but, is by no means, a complete list.  There may be other professions and or specialties that could be added.

Additionally, a professional may find that they fit into more than one Synergy Team and thus could be a member of say, two Synergy Teams.  Be careful though…you want to make the most of the 80/20 rule and pick a Synergy Team that best fits your Business Networking objectives.  A rifle approach to any marketing plan is always better than a shotgun approach!

– What to do next

Once you’ve identified which Synergy Team would bring you the most referrals, contact other professionals from the list and meet with them as a group for coffee and discuss strategic alliances.  Brainstorm ideas as to how your Synergy Team can work together to bring more referrals to each other.

Not only discuss marketing ideas, discuss HOW you can team up to make those marketing efforts more effective than just doing the same things alone.  Make believe that you all work together at a company that you are all partners in.  Discuss how you can collaborate to promote that company as a whole.

Remember, it’s the sum of the parts that are greater than the whole.

(Warning: Before you try forming a Synergy Team, be sure you have mastered the basic skills of Business Networking and have adopted that philosophy as your own; otherwise you and your team will fail)

3 Responses to “Business Solutions Synergy Team”

  1. I like the idea of the Synergy teams. I think my business lends itself to this particular team: Business Solutions. Would like it to be added if possible. Thanks.

  2. June Collins says:

    I very much am looking forward to meeting with you and seeing how we can work with each other.

  3. Lamar Morgan says:

    I would very much like to connect with folks who fall into the “Business Solution Synergy Team” area. Why? Because I believe I can be a tremendous asset to them and they can be a tremendous asset to me.

    First of all, I write three small business columns – including San Francisco Examiner, Ft. Lauderdale Examiner and the National Examiner. Want free publicity for your business? Send me a press release at If you have never written a press release, visit and watch the video.

    Second of all, I create very unique marketing campaigns. These campaigns includes three businesses at a time. The exposure can go into physical print, online, directly to the local news media and into physical venues. This I can do for less money (and still make a profit) than any one company can accomplish going solo.

    Third, As an NFC specialist, I have Near Field Communications capability to assist me in the design of Sparkler Display Cards. These cards are cellphone activated, remotely programmable, trackable and can be effectively used to create buzz for any business in a Foursquare venue.

    For more information on this, please do not hesitate to schedule a phone call with me at your convenience. Tungle.Me is a great tool for this and I highly recommend it to all members of the Business Connection who would like to stot wasting time engaging in phone tag. Here is my Tungle.Me link –

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