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Synergy Teams

Are you missing out on 70% of the referral business you should be getting?

Chances are you are networking in large diverse groups and that is fantastic.  But if you are not active in synergy teams you are missing about 70% of your referrals.

    Synergy Teams – What are Synergy Teams?

   First, let’s define the word Synergy.  Wikipedia defines Synergy as “two or more things 

   functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable.

    That is, if elements A and B are combined, the result is greater than the expected arithmetic

     sum A+B.”


Some people may say Synergy happens when the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.


Business Networking is actually based on this concept.  The reason you are participating here at is that you already realize that you will receive more referrals by working with other business professionals than not.  In a phrase, Business Networking, when done properly, will amplify your efforts many fold vs marketing your business alone.


The Synergy Team concept takes Business Networking to a much higher level.


Whether you realize it or not, statistically speaking, about 70% of your referrals from participating in the group actual come from other business professionals that serve the same type of customer that your business serves.  Conversely about 30% of your referrals come from non-related business areas.


So it makes sense that in order to take your Business Networking to a higher level, you should “team up” with other business professionals who service the kind of customers that you want.


Warning: Master the basics of Business Networking first.

Thus, once you master the basics of Business Networking, you should seek to make alliances with certain other professions to make the most of your marketing efforts.  (Notice I said, “once you master the basics of Business Networking” which means you thoroughly understand it’s all about building relationships and what you can do for others; it’s not about selling to others!)


So welcome to the ‘s  Synergy Teams area of the website.  We highly recommend that you invest heavily in this part of our program.  We are here to teach you the basics of what you need to know.

Synergy Teams are further described under their own sections here on the website below the Synergy Teams navigation button. 

A Synergy Team is a group of related professions that work with the same clients.


Let’s look at what Synergy Teams we have created In Palm Beach Business Connection.


1 Real Estate, Design, Trades and Construction

This is real estate, mortgage, home inspections, landscaper, remodeling, HVAC, pest control, or any other category that has to do anything with a property residential and commercial

Link to join:

2. Financial.

This team includes CPA’s, Financial Advisors, Insurance, Banks, estate attorney, and anyone else that has something to do with handling money.

Link to join:

3. Health and Wellness.

This group includes most anyone that has to do with health. Chiropractor, cosmetic sales, dentist, fitness trainer, eye doctor, etc.
Link to join:

4. Business Solutions and Services.

This group is the ones that do business with businesses like CPA’s, Banks, computer sales, payroll services, printers, promotional services, business coach, etc.
Link to join:

5.  Hospitality and Travel

Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Travel, Limo, Photo/Video, DJ, Event Planners
Each synergy team is doing business with the same type, if not the same, customers.

Everyone has a primary Synergy Team, which is where your focus is in business, and most have a secondary Synergy Team.

We know that about 70% of your referrals will come from within your Synergy Team(s).

Since this is a fact then it would be beneficial to you to not only build strong relationships within your Synergy Team, but also invite people to join your Synergy Team(s).

The more professionals in your Synergy Team, the more referrals.


6.  Affinity Groups: Groups with common interests.

Latino Business Connection

Link to Join:


7. Women Helping Women

Link to join