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Business Connection Synergy SubGroups –

Synergy Group members are a group of professionals that service the same or similar customers thus naturally pass client referrals among themselves.  The Business Connection Synergy Team Members meet within our LinkedIn SubGroups categorized by their industry type.

Most Business Connection LinkedIn Groups are defined by local geographic region as most Group members typically do business locally.  Therefore,  Synergy Groups naturally develop as SubGroups of there related location.

We will be adding Synergy Team and Subgroups as needed.


Note 1:

To find a Synergy Team Subgroup to join,

go to the Palm Beach Business Connection Group and CLICK on the “More…”

heading and then CLICK on “Subgroups”.

Palm Beach Business Connection

Synergy Power Teams and Subgroups on LinkedIn.

A Synergy Team is a group of related professions that work with the same clients.

You could find yourself in more than one Synergy Team – but the most important thing is to surround yourself with members who talk regularly to the type of clients that YOU want!

Let’s look at what Synergy Teams we have created.

1 Real Estate, Design, Trades and Construction

This is real estate, mortgage, home inspections, landscaper, remodeling, HVAC, pest control, or any other category that has to do anything with a property residential and commercial

Link to join:

2. Financial.

This team includes CPA’s, Financial Advisors, Insurance, Banks, estate attorney, and anyone else that has something to do with handling money.

Link to join:

3. Health and Wellness.

This group includes most anyone that has to do with health. Chiropractor, cosmetic sales, dentist, fitness trainer, eye doctor, etc.
Link to join:

4. Business Solutions and Services.

This group is the ones that do business with businesses like CPA’s, Banks, computer sales, payroll services, printers, promotional services, business coach, etc.
Link to join:

5.  Hospitality and Travel

Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Travel, Limo, Photo/Video, DJ, Event Planners

Each synergy team is doing business with the same type, if not the same, customers.

Everyone has a primary Synergy Team, which is where your focus is in business, and most have a secondary Synergy Team.

We know that about 70% of your referrals will come from within your Synergy Team(s).

Since this is a fact then it would be beneficial to you to not only build strong relationships within your Synergy Team, but also invite people to join your Synergy Team(s).

The more professionals in your Synergy Team, the more referrals.


6.  Affinity Groups: Groups with common interests.

Latino Business Connection

Link to Join:

7. Women Helping Women

Link to join


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  1. Lamar Morgan says:

    I want all synergy groups to know if you have something special planned, you need to get a good publicity plan going. One good tool to use is The BIG Buzz Machine at Not only does this give you the opportunity to get a press release into the Ft. Lauderdale Examiner by me, but it opens you up to a great many other resources to spread your message.

    Never forget that one thing which makes the online publications so beneficial is your ability to comment. Never SPAM as that hurts your cause and what goes online can NEVER be erased. But, always comment in an uplifting manner as you should want to put both your yourself and your comment in a positive light. Be sure to put your name, business and business web address in the closing signature to your comment. Why? Because chances are the publication is highly ranked by Google. ( is definitely highly ranked.) Therefore, you and your business become highly-ranked by search engines and your online visibility significantly enhanced.

    Want to give this a try and see what happens? Go to Look under Ft. Lauderdale Examiner. There are two articles listed there about The Business Connection. Give each a positive comment. Wait a day and do a Google Search on your name. See if that article’s link is listed on Page One of Google for a Google search on your name. Then, imagine the possibilities. You just might want to go back and comment on other articles I wrote 🙂

    Lamar Morgan

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