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This week’s Feature Friday Business is Stasia  Fuller – Co-Owner of Clearwater Services  –  Call 954-839-8939  for more information.

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Stasia Fuller – Co-Owner of Clearwater
Services  –  954-839-8939

“We provide the Technology and Services your business needs to succeed!”

We live in South Florida, a State prone to hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.
The loss of electricity and internet translates into a loss of productivity
from your office staff as well as your bottom line. We provide services to
mitigate these issues.

We provide cloud services as well as networking infrastructure to small
businesses, because we believe they go hand in hand. With our Cloud services
you do not need to invest in servers, hardware equipment, and Microsoft
applications. You do not need to worry about backups, patches, and hardware or
software upgrades.

We are not your ordinary cloud service provider. We will fully manage both your
cloud server as well as your local office network.


Cloud  Computing, Cloud Technology Solutions, Software as a Service, SaaS,
Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, application hosting, Fax to Email, exchange
hosting, virtual desktops, Managed IT, email security, email archiving, web
hosting, Cloud Computing Broward, Cloud Computing Palm Beach, Software as a
Service Broward, Software as a Service Palm Beach

Our services allow companies to leverage our infrastructure,  hardware and software, to provide them with productivity tools, they need to run their business. Tools, such as Microsoft server platform,  Microsoft office, faxing from the desktop, along with Managed IT Services.

Our infrastructure is located in datacenters, which provide redundant internet,
power, and security for our equipment.

Stasia is a personable professional who I  think you’ll enjoy listening to and get to know better. So join me Friday

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