Michael Wichelns – Envera Community Security Systems

Feature Friday Business Networking Conference Call – Oct 7th

This week’s Feature Friday Business is Michael Wichelns – New Business Development at Envera Systems – a Community Security Company – Call 561-767-0247 for more information.

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Michael Wichelns – New Business Development at Envera Systems – a Community Security Company




Mike’s career has included varying roles as an executive in a broad range of industries including Retail, Construction, Telecommunications, and Management Consulting.

He has provided consulting and reengineering services to a wide assortment of firms across a variety of industries including Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Airlines, Energy, and more. He specializes in the project management of reengineering projects with a strong focus on dramatically improving the operational execution of every client firm. He is also heavily involved in the initial analysis of prospective clients, corporate culture identification, and ensuring an optimal level of profitability for the owners of every client firm.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and now resides in Lake Worth, FL with his beautiful wife. His grown daughters both live nearby. His passions include playing tennis, biking, investing and college football!


Creative problem solving, decision making, strategic planning, project management, negotiations, vendor management, compensation plans, standard operating procedures, public speaking, presentations, business writing, financial analysis.

Mike is a personable professional who I think you’ll enjoy listening to and get to know better. So join me Friday morning.

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