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Networking On-Line

On-Line Business Networking – Why do it ?

Because your business’ very survival depends on it. The tools you need to learn about and how to use and start using are easier than you think. So if you haven’t gotten started, you need to start now.

You must learn how to do this or be left behind.

Of course, nothing is more effective than good ole fashioned face-to-face Business Networking.  Meeting in person is still the strongest tool in building relationships.  The Online world merely lets you connect with more people a lot faster.  In today’s competitive marketplace you need every edge you can get.

The Online world not only gives you the ability to make more new connections faster, but also gives you the ability to find your target market faster.  This Social  Media Technology gives you the ability to leverage your time in a powerful way.

What should I do first ? LinkedIn ? FaceBook?  Twitter ?

Twitter and Facebook have their place in the Business Networking Online world, but if you are just starting out, start with LinkedIn.  The other two can come later, but first things first.  Maximize your use of LinkedIn.

Start Here:

You must be on –

  • If you don’t have one, setup a LinkedIn account.  It takes about 5 minutes.

Your LinkedIn Profile must be complete and most importantly, Optimized for search.

You must participate in LinkedIn Groups. Be active.

  • Start by Searching for and joining Palm Beach Business Connection, Broward Business Connection, Dade Business Connection, Martin County Business Connection Groups.

You must grow your LinkedIn Connections List,  large.

  • Start searching for people you know and invite to connect.
  • Try a service like to grow your list for you even faster.

Start turning your Connections into Relationships.