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Never Eat Alone – My Notes to Share With You

Never Eat Alone (click here to buy now)

by Keith Ferrazzi

Some of my notes from the book

How to build LIFELONG community of colleagues contacts friends and mentors

Secrets to successful networking (connecting) one relationship at a time

Relationships really matter

The Mindset

The power of generosity.  When you help others they often help you.

Reciprocity is a fancy word for caring for each other and taking a vested interest in each other’s success

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

Friends helping friends family helping family and has nothing to do with manipulation or quid pro quo

Networking or connecting is about helping others and asking for the help of  others  Sharing resources talents knowledge contacts in a continuous  effort to help OTHERS be successful

Real networking is about connecting and helping provide value to others

Real connecting is one of the most important business skills you can have


Because people do business with people and people they know like and trust

Even our well being comes from our relationships

Careers work the same way

Great news EVERYONE has the capacity to be a connector

So what is the secret to success… in one word generosity

We have to be willing to give it and be willing to ask for it.

Connecting is a constant process of giving and receiving.

A network functions because there is recognition of a mutual need.

“Build a community of those you love and those that love you”

Build it before you need it and then continue to build it.

Don’t be that guy- The Networking Jerk

Martini in one hand business card in the other. Snoozing the room.

It’s better to have a handful of meaningful conversations than a  bunch of pitched elevator speeches.  It’s not about mass numbers it’s  about real connections.

Make friends while connecting and have fun doing it

Don’t come to the party empty handed

Invisibility is a fate worse than failure (same as an aspiring Hollywood star)

Follow Up or Fail

If you really want to stand out from the crowd get really good at the follow up

You will be miles ahead by following up better, smarter, and faster  than the hordes scrambling for the next person’s attention.  The fact is  most people don’t follow very well if at all.  Good follow up elevates  you above 95% OF YOUR PEERS

24 hours email is great for a quick note include something from the meeting

Make follow up a habit

When you’re lonely, I wish you Love!

When you’re down, I wish you Joy!

When you’re troubled, I wish you Peace!

When things seem empty, I wish you Hope!

Some tips on how to follow up after a networking event

Following up with your new contacts is one of the most important steps in the networking process.

What will make you stand out from all the other people networking?…  If you follow up with every single person. The key is to have a follow  up system. Follow these simple steps and your networking results will  improve dramatically.

Here is very simple follow- up process:

1) When you get back to your office, or within 24 hours send an email  to each person you met. Keep it simple and not a sales pitch. Connect  online through the group at Linked Local Palm Beach. You can look up  members from the group page and add them to your network. Go to the new  contacts profile page and read it.


2) Within one week call each new contact to set up a meeting to learn  more about their business and how you might help each other.

The meeting can be in person or on the phone. The idea is for each of  you to learn more about each other. -15 to 30 minutes for each person  to talk is more than enough time.  Make sure to add this contact into  your social media like LinkedIn and/or Facebook

One on One Meeting. It’s important to set up one-on-one meetings to build strategic relationships.

Asking some good questions when meeting someone new is a good way to deepen the relationship.

A couple good questions to ask might include:

  • “How long have you been in business?”
  • “What do you look for in a strategic networking partner for your business?”
  • “Tell me about your networking activities and the types of people you usually help.”
  • “Who do you currently partner with to get referrals?”

Follow an agenda

Here is a sample agenda for an effective meeting.

After building rapport, suggest the following agenda:

I. Explain who you are, your past and what you do.

II. Describe how you help people.  What is special about you your business?

III. Ask what you are looking for in a good referral.

IV. Discuss what small steps could be taken to move the relationship forward or help each other in some way

Use a time table of a 20-20-20 format, and shape a one hour meeting like this:

  • The first 20 minutes for the first person to tell their story about who they are and what they do.
  • The second 20 minutes is for the second participant to do the same.
  • The final 20 minutes is devoted to strategizing and sharing ideas on  how you can work together to have value in your relationship.

(You can also use a 10-10-10 for a 30 minute meeting)

3) On the second week, contact the person again with a call and email if you have still not connected.

4) I make it a point, after meeting with a new contact, to give them a  referral within 30 days. Ideally this happens but not always.

5) Make contact again 30 days after your meeting. Remember you are  building a relationship with this person that can last for years.

Whether or not you do a lot of networking, having a plan will almost  always result in better outcomes. For the networking pros, setting an  agenda will certainly help you save time and create better opportunities  moving forward.

You can start with me if you like.

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