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How to get more clients NOW!

5 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips

By: Bryan Daly, Founder Linked Local Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Business Connection

By reading, training, coaching, and practice just about anyone can develop a referral based business.

A referral based, or word of mouth marketing plan works and will absolutely deliver more clients/customers.

Here are 5 quick tips to that I have found to be a great way to build and develop a productive network.


1. Set your goals

Where performance is mesured performance improves
How many new clients do you want?  How many new clients do you want in the next 6 weeks?
How many this month ? How many referral partners do you want?
Then work backwards. If you don’t have a goal, it’s hard to reach it.  Make it tangible (see my plan below)

Make it real write it down and work it everyday!

Develop a Simple Plan
Your marketing plan doesn’t need to be rocket science.
Make your plan 3-4 things that you WILL do on a daily,
basis.  Your plan should be things that you like
to do and that you will do.  If you hate public speaking, don’t do it.
If you love to blog, then blog.

If you like networking, then network.
Just don’t forget to follow up!  Again, do it the way that works for

3.  Take Consistent Action
Successful marketing is the result of having a simple plan that
you will work consistently.  It is better to have 3 simple actions
that you take every day, every week or every month than one
brilliant strategy that you implement once every three months.

4.  Do ONE thing
Do at least ONE thing every day that will move you toward your
goal.  Updating your website is a great idea, but it’s not likely to
get you a new client today.


Make the call, send the email, meet for coffee, ask for a referral, etc. (easy as pie)


“Hello I see we are both members of  Palm Beach Business Connection.

I wanted to see if we could meet for coffee sometime. I would like to get to know you better”


“ I am planning to attend the meetup on (date). If you were planning to be there as well, maybe we could meet for a few minutes before/after?

Think about this

If you made just two new referral partners each week

you would have 100 referral partners in a year.

What would your business look like if you were to receive one referral, on average from each referral partner- per year… or per month???

Do ONE thing every day that is directly related to getting the results that you are after.

5.  Be Accountable
It’s easy to make a plan and not so easy to stick with it.  Set up a
structure for accountability.  Get a buddy and check in daily or
weekly.  Check in with your mastermind group.  Tell your coach
your plan and design an accountability structure.

My plan: Very Simple


Goal: At least 100 new referral partners in a year


I attend 4-6 meetups a month and many weeks I attend a business casual happy hour.

I meet 5-7 new people and have fun doing. I also deepen my connections in a very relaxed way. I attend/hold one or two other meetups a month.

I am on every Feature Friday Business Conference call and meet new people there as well as deepen my connections.

One on one’s and follow ups

I average 5-8 one on one’s per week. This activity is producing about 10 new referral partners a month. I fit my one on one’s into my schedule. If I know I am going to have an appointment somewhere I will schedule a coffee or lunch before or after the appointment.

Read the book “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Farazzi. I also do back to back one on one’s and fill in my appointment book. I also do tele-conference one on one’s (fancy way to say I call them on the phone). I follow-up with those that I met last week by phone and email.

I am always adding new Linkedin connections. I welcome each new Group member and invite them to connect.

I have added over 1,000 new local contacts in 90 days. I “check in” with the Group at least once per day. Outside of time spent running the group I spend 1-2 hours a day building my referral business.

You may want to do more and you may want to do less.

I will say this, I NEVER worry about where my next appointment is coming from and I work strictly on referrals.

I hope you find this helpful

Bryan Daly