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Jeffrey ManzWhat do Testimonials, Recommendations, “Likes”, etc have in common?

Testimonials, recommendations, “Likes” – they all transfer trust.  They go miles in building reputations.  Thus attesting to another professional’s ability to deliver their promised services, is the highest compliment you could pay them.

So if someone has performed services for you or for your client and has done a good job, don’t keep it to yourself.  Let the rest of us know.

Why?  Your experience becomes an asset to the rest of us. Your Testimonial lets the rest of us know about another trust worthy professional.

If you had a great experience while utilizing someone services in the Group, tell us.   Tell us all about it.  Give us the details.  Inquiring minds need to know.

And if they exceeded your expectations, say so.Post them on the membership website and start helping build a deserving professional’s reputation today.

– Contributing Author – Jeffrey Manz – the Computer Guy