Jeffrey ManzWhat do Testimonials, Recommendations, “Likes”, etc have in common?

Testimonials, recommendations, “Likes” – they all transfer trust.  They go miles in building reputations.  Thus attesting to another professional’s ability to deliver their promised services, is the highest compliment you could pay them.

So if someone has performed services for you or for your client and has done a good job, don’t keep it to yourself.  Let the rest of us know.

Why?  Your experience becomes an asset to the rest of us. Your Testimonial lets the rest of us know about another trust worthy professional.

If you had a great experience while utilizing someone services in the Group, tell us.   Tell us all about it.  Give us the details.  Inquiring minds need to know.

And if they exceeded your expectations, say so.Post them on the membership website and start helping build a deserving professional’s reputation today.

– Contributing Author – Jeffrey Manz – the Computer Guy

10 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Bryan Daly says:

    Jeffrey Manz – Computer Help

    Jeff has done a fantastic job with our group blog. Thank you for all your hard work

    Bryan Daly
    Posted on 2011-04-14
    Jeffrey Manz – Computer Help

    Jeff really helped me out when my computer got a virus and my business went down. He knew exactly what to do and he had alot of patience with me. He even took over my computer to fix my quickbooks problem. Jeff is now my guy to go to when it comes to my computer. I won’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my customers!

    Stephen Marinaccio
    Posted on 2011-04-15
    Michael Fieger

    Mike is truly the answerman when it comes to website design.He’s also personable and passionate in his work. I am blessed that our lives have crossed paths. Before I got to know Mike, I admired his social networking skills and I feel I’ve met another brother! Thanks for your friendship Michael!

    Stephen Marinaccio
    Posted on 2011-04-17
    Michael Fieger

    Quoted quickly all my required items and gave me great advice what works and what not as well as competitive rate I can definitely work with. Very knowledgeable professional in SEO and web. Thanks Michael!

    Bo Wolfand
    Posted on 2011-04-18
    Bryan Daly

    Trusting Bryan with all the money I’ve saved in my life should be enough of a rousing recommendation, but it goes so much deeper. I consider Bryan to be one of my best friends. Someone who came along in my life and befriended me when I truly needed it. Someone who I feel will be my friend for the rest of my life. Bryan brings out the best in other people, I seen him do it time and time again! He’s the kind of person, I want to be.

    Stephen Marinaccio
    Posted on 2011-04-17
    Bryan Daly

    Bryan is a mover and shaker. Bryan has assisted me in more ways than you can imagine. Call me for a verbal recommendation.

    Marc Fatica
    Posted on 2011-04-19
    Laura Barber

    Has so nice baskets, for all ocasions. I like it so much.

    Marcio Elias
    Posted on 2011-04-22
    Rose-Anne Raies

    Not only use Rose-Anne as my Virtual Assistant, but I also tell everyone I know about her. If it wasn’t for Rose-Anne, I’d have no website at all! She is also like Family to me. She is another person who came into my life when I needed it the most. Thanks Rose-Anne!!

    Stephen Marinaccio
    Posted on 2011-04-17
    Rose-Anne Raies

    Bryan has worked tirelessly to start the group, and to help it grow and to give us an online presence. He is a true giver!

    Rose-Anne Raies
    Posted on 2011-04-17
    Marc Fatica

    I really like this new website!

    Marc Fatica
    Posted on 2011-04-19

  2. Bryan Daly says:

    Eric P Yorlano recommendation from Bryan Daly

    Eric has a real interest in helping others succeed. He gives freely and you would be doing yourself a favor to associate with him.
    Eric is an outstanding person and I appreciate how helpful and generous he is with his time and ideas. Eric is a highly motivated business professional who inspires the people around him to reach for the stars.
    Eric is very professional in all his business dealings and he takes pride in doing the right thing. I am proud to call Eric my friend.

    (also posted to website, Linkedin and blog)

  3. Bryan Daly says:

    LinkedIn Recommendations

    Jay Block has endorsed Bryan Daly as Founder at Palm Beach Business Connection.

    Dear Bryan,
    I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

    Details of the Recommendation: “Bryan Daly has so many EXCEPTIONAL qualities, it’s almost impossible to communicate them all in a short recommendation (even for a writer 🙂 First and foremost, Bryan is a person who gives so much to so many – with no strings attached! He launched Palm Beach Business Connection for the sole purpose of helping people and businesses connect with like-minded people and businesses to improve and expand business opportunities and professional relationships. Bryan created a networking model that brings THOUSANDS of people and businesses together – without a fee or annual membership dues. There’s no doubt in my mind, that he’ll expand his networking model throughout the state of Florida… and beyond.

    Bryan takes an active role in promoting other businesses to achieve success. Recently, The Jay Block Companies, LLC. held a full day seminar at the Palm Beach County Convention Center – and Bryan took the lead and volunteered to be our personal promoter. Indeed, a good percentage of the attendees were a result of Bryan’s direct and indirect efforts. He is always supporting members to expand business opportunities and member events throughout South Florida!

    Though I seldom, if ever, hear him promote himself, Bryan is a top notch financial planner. His background in accounting, wealth management, and financial planning is well recognized and respected. He remains true to his mantra that his purpose is, “to support as many people as he can in their journey to financial freedom.”

    Finally, Bryan is inspiring, motivational, optimistic, and always approachable. He commands respect simply by his giving nature, professional demeanor, and authenticity. He is a strong public speaker and presenter; a mentor to many; and I, personally, am fortunate to call him a very dear friend.”

  4. Bryan Daly says:

    LinkedIn Recommendations

    Jeffrey Manz – Computer Help has endorsed Bryan Daly as Founder at Palm Beach Business Connection.

    Dear Bryan,

    I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

    Details of the Recommendation: ”

    Bryan Daly is one of those rare individuals that within the first few minutes of meeting him you feel like you’ve known him for years. When I first met Bryan I knew immediately that he brought a lot of value to the table both professionally and personally. This is because he is a genuine person; the real McCoy.

    I have gotten to know Bryan very well, very quickly because he lets you see the real him. You can tell that he really gives a damn about other people and honestly wants to see the folks he comes into contact with succeed. Bryan walks the walk of the Givers Gain Philosophy.

    What is even more amazing to me is that he and I have live a life of 6 degrees of separation. Though our time periods differ, hence the 6 degrees, but I discovered that we attended the same colleges, had similar majors and had very similar career paths. The other strong common ground we share is our willingness to give to others without expectations of receiving anything in return other than a simple thank you.

    Bryan is the Founder of a Business Referral and Networking Group called Palm Beach Business Connection. He started this organization based on the Givers Gain Philosophy. He has been gracious enough to allow me to give back through his organization and take an active role in helping him grow this group beyond anyone’s expectations. He and I are aligned in a single cause to help as many business professionals to realize their aspirations and goals.

    Needless to say, I have gotten to know, like and trust Bryan through and through. I’ve learn of Bryan’s reputation as an expert in his field of financial planning where trust and integrity are the cornerstones of his professional endeavors.

    It’s easy to see that if anyone engaged Bryan Daly professionally that they will see the same qualities that I came to know, like and trust and will inevitably become lifelong customers.

    I highly recommend getting to know Bryan Daly, both personally and professionally and I guaranty you will not regret the time you spent with him.”

  5. Bryan Daly says:

    From Jonathan Alexander Founder VIP 3D

    To whom it may concern:

    I had the opportunity to meet Bryan Daly via LinkedIn group local chapter in Palm Beach , Florida.

    From the very start, Bryan was extremely accommodating, respectful, resourceful and professional in his dealings. He helped us introduce our new company to the local groups and welcomed any thoughts, ideas and suggestions we had to further promote our business within the community.

    Bryan – over the course of last few months – has continued to be a reliable, dedicated and resourceful entity in the growth of our organization. His consistent care of our well-being is greatly appreciated and respected. Bryan presents himself in the same capacity – as he has shown to us – to every member of the group and his relentless pursuit to promote each and every member within the group is truly remarkable.

    I have come to become a personal friend of Bryan because of his genuine interest in the well-being of our organization and the care/consideration he has shown to me, as an individual.

    I will promote Bryan without a hesitation to anyone. He is an asset to our community and the LinkedIn Palm Beach group.

    I can be contacted via email or the mobile number listed below to speak on this subject and personally express my gratitude and admiration for Bryan Daly.

  6. Bryan Daly says:

    Bryan Daly
    The Business Connection, Palm Beach, Broward,and Dade


    David Steinfeld

    Senior Associate at Kramer, Sopko & Levenstein, P.A.

    David Steinfeld has a genuine interest in helping people. Dave is an outstanding person and a highly respected attorney.

    I appreciate how helpful and giving he is. He takes pride in doing the right thing for his clients and you come away with the sense that you have a new friend.

    As a professional Dave is known for his superior results, always personable, and with the highest integrity.

    Dave is passionate about his business and you can tell he really loves the law. Dave is my go to person for advice and counsel. I have followed his lead many times and have never been disappointed. I trust and value

    Dave as a great professional lawyer and as a friend. June 13, 2011

  7. Bryan, thank you for the kind words !

  8. Bryan Daly says:

    Thanks, Bryan!

    Alice Nelson, Alice’s Fine Tea’s.

    Thank you Palm Beach Business Connections for introducing us to yet another fine ally!

    Alice Nelson of Alice’s Fine tea’s, was kind enough to provide us with many of her tea’s for this last weekend’s Boca Raton “living Green Fair in Mizner Park. Everyone enjoyed her tea over this two day event and are appreciative for her participation!

    Thank you Alice!

    George Washington


  9. Thanks Ellen McCormick! I am meeting with Maureen next week to discuss her Real Estate sale options, and possible purchase. Thank you for thinking of me.

  10. Lamar Morgan says:

    Thanks Bryan and all who contributed to that wonderful postcard. It’s not just a glossy and attractive postcard. It’s extremely clever in the way it was put together. Indeed, the card is in itself an inspiration for who individual business should try to market themselves to their target market.

    For example, I like that four business es are featured on the back. I like that you have included not only a QR code, but placed your logo in the center of the code. How clever!

    Now, you understand, it would be easy for anyone to go to the public library, scan the card and spread news of the Business Connection online. Just a thought:)

    Lamar Morgan

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