Jeffrey ManzHey, I have a good example of a Perfect Referral. Tell us about your Perfect Referral.

Hey, I have a good example of a Perfect Referral. Phyllis Krupp, our Aflac Pro in the Group also a Co-founder of the website, was talking to one of her clients – who shared that they were having computer difficulties in their store.

Phyllis told the owner that she knew a great Computer Guy (me, Jeff Manz) and that she would have me call them.

What made it a Perfect Referral ?  When I called, the store owner knew who I was and was expecting my call.

That was a Perfect Referral.  Thanks again Phyllis.  🙂

PS. They turned into a Perfect Client also.

Tell us about your Perfect Referral.

(Also, and don’t forget to Post it on the Palm Beach Business Connection dot com website so we can see our progress.)

– Contributing Author – Jeffrey Manz – the Computer Guy

20 Responses to “Referrals”

  1. Bryan Daly says:

    Brian Murphy • Thank you to Steve at What’s Bugging You!! Not only has he been my bug guy for 7 years but HE IS FINALLY one of my clients. He says Brian you were never able to improve my position when you were with Allstate. I gues he is referring to the over $500 we were able to save him at our new Brightway office!! We have over 120 insurance companies…..

  2. phil hoblin says:

    referral assest accumulation to michael fieger

  3. phil hoblin says:

    also mary elias as a new member

  4. phil hoblin says:

    deana pizzo as new member

  5. A+ Virtual Assistant, Inc. to Phyllis Krupp at AFLAC for two policies. I feel so much more protected now.

  6. Personal Injury Law Firm in Delray Beach. Can handle cases in Florida, New Jersey and Washington, DC. Feel free to call 561-266-9191 or email for a FREE CONSULTATION!!!

  7. Referred new member, Ellen Solomon of Solo Graphics.

  8. Joan says:

    Thank you to Brian Murphy for the referral of your hotel room block for Veteran’s Cup Soccer.
    I appreciate your confidence in me and your business..
    Thank You

  9. Joan says:

    Michael Feiger…..Thank you for thinking of me for your rental referral. I have contacted Krisitna and hope to be able to help her find a place in “paradise”.


    • Bryan Daly says:

      Perfect Joan. Get the referral, thank the person for sending it and publish it- Great Job
      It is such a pleasure working with you!!!

  10. Laura Zavalia says:

    I am looking for someone to professionally write my resume and cover letter. You can contact me at:

    Thank you,
    Laura Z

  11. A client of mine’s daughter needs help from a Microsoft Certified Service person. She lost her website and needs help immediately. She is a broadcast professional.

    She is leaving town on Wednesday for a week and needs immediate help.

    Her name is Susan Cingari, 561 248-2223.

    Tell her her mother’s insurance agent referred you.

    Thank you.

    George Grokhowsky
    American Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.
    561 305-9599 Cell

  12. Joan says:

    THANK YOU MIKE FEIGER for your referral of your friends honeymoon trip. I appreciate your confidence in me, for such a special event in a persons life. I have been in touch with him and will keep you posted. Thank You. PhoneJoan

  13. Joan says:

    Mike Feiger, Thank you for referring Jari to me for his family’s last minute getaway! They are leaving in the morning for a wonderful Bahamas weekend on a cruise and stay vacation.

    Thank You Mike Feiger!

  14. Referred Samantha Posche – Dermatology Depot Medical Spa, Dr. Griff and Kim Ciceroni.

  15. Thank you Steve Lawrence of Halsey and Griffith for mentioning me to Didi Reuschel of Interior Design and reminding me to get connected.

  16. HELP! I need a referral for a good RELIABLE lawn care “Guy” in the Wellington area. ASAP!! Please email me directly or call 561-317-2443,
    Thank you…….

  17. Lamar says:

    I need referrals of small businesses who need to save money advertising their business in the newspaper and online. The catch is that those referred need to be open to mutual collaboration efforts rather than going it alone. I require three businesses to be involved for each marketing campaign.

    My marketing approach requires caring people(other small business owners), willing places (small business storefronts) and useful things (like Foursquare, QR coding, Square and Dwolla). I not only create synergistic marketing campaigns, I teach people in the process how to “sparkle.” Want to learn more? Visit

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