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Money Blunders of the Otherwise Intelligent

Two Basic Rules: Rule #1 Don’t lose money …Avoid Mistakes Rule #2 Don’t Forget Rule #1 The problem is you don’t know what you don’t know until you learn the hard way. Eliminate the ways that most people fail: manage reduce and eliminate …Risk, Fees, and Taxes. Some Common Blunders 1 Treating investments like a […]


Are You Making These Investment Portfolio Mistakes?

Are You Making These Investment Portfolio Mistakes? As a financial professional, I literally get to look at hundreds of portfolios belonging to people from all walks of life. You get carte blanche access to individuals and couples at different stages of their lives, at varying income levels, and with various social and educational backgrounds. In […]


Meet Jennifer Held the owner of Palm Beach Organizing

Jennifer Held is the owner and operator of Palm Beach Organizing. I was always told, “Do what you love.”  My immediate thought was, “That’s great   but, there’s bills to be paid.” For over a decade I worked for Lockheed Martin as a process improvement      project manager.  A year ago I was able […]


Mike Mulleady

Mike and Cindy Mulleady Founder and Chief Administrator at Opportunity Network and Treasure Coast Referral Network Founder and Chief Administrator Cutting Edge Marketing and the Treasure Coast Referral Network / Opportunity Network 2010 – Present (6 years)Treasure Coast Florida from Sebastian to Palm Beach Gardens the online resource for BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENTS on the […]


In networking it’s better to be the farmer not the hunter.

In networking it’s better to be the farmer not the hunter.     Real networking is about BUILDING real relationships.  Online and Offline Networking is about farming for contacts, not hunting them. Many business people go about networking the way our cave-dwelling ancestors went about hunting food–aggressively and carrying a big stick. You’ll see them […]


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