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About BCBlog

About the Business Connection:

The Business Connection

Our Vision

To become the next generation of business networking group founded on the idea that “anything of value only multiples when it is given freely”.

Our Mission

To fill the voids in entrepreneurial education and the skills needed to be successful in business by introducing members to the tools and resources that can help them become more successful business owners.

To create a support system and resource center for entrepreneurs that delivers new connections, advice, and ideas about ways to achieve a more far-reaching referral based business.

The Ten Commandments of the

The Business Connection

1. No Spam.
2. Giver’s Always Gain.
3. Provide Value And Value Others.
4. Be Flexible
5. Be A Good Listener.
6. Respect Others
7. Seek Regular Constructive Feedback
8. Provide A Clear Agenda
9.  Divide Group Responsibilities
10. Set Goals For The Group