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Our goal is to provide both learning and networking opportunities for its members.  We are combining networking online with offline for connections, events, and education.

Every new member brings an entire network with them!!!

To get started make sure you post your introduction. This will help you meet others and start providing you with referral opportunities.

Introduce yourself  hereWhat you do, How long you have been doing it and what makes you special?

The main rule in our group is to add value to the group and not self promote. I would also ask that if you do see value in the group, that you encourage your friends to join today.

Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you as well as any feedback to improve our group.

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Bryan Daly
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47 Responses to “Welcome to the Business Connection Blog”

  1. Laura Barber says:

    Wow Bryan, love the new website! Your networking group is growing and I’ve run into a few people who are part of it at other events. I like the fact the group is about what each one of us can add to it and help each other out with referrals. Macy’s and Sears don’t give us referrals! we need to invest in those whom we meet with locally!

    I look forward to attending another event soon.

  2. Alexandra says:

    I couldn’t be happier for you, and all of the success you are having from what began as Linked Local Palm Beach. I’m so proud to have been with you from the beginning, and sure that I’ll be part of the group ’till the end! Happy to be here, and looking forward to meeting those of you I haven’t yet! 🙂

  3. Jay Block says:

    Hi Everyone:

    The Jay Block Companies is pleased to be associated with such a high quality group. I am sure you know that networking groups are a dime a dozen today. What makes this group uniquely different from all others is 1) Bryan Daly and his hand-on leadership. 2) The mission of the group to help each other grow and prosper; and bring value to the whole. Those who understand the power of “givers gain” know that when we give authentically and unconditionally, we will receive more. It’s called the Law of Giving and the Law of Reciprocity. 3) From business relationships come friendships. This group offers a diversity of “characters” who will not only form lasting business relationships, but lasting friendships.

    I look at the Palm Beach Business Connection as a family. Personally, I travel the country and speak and train. I isolate myself in my office and create programs, write books, and work with clients. But when I return home from my travels and / or leave my office, I always return home to family. And I consider you all a significant part of the Jay Block Companies’ family.

    Let’s grow together !

    • Bryan Daly says:


      It is wonderful to have you with us. We have an opportunity to do something really special with the group.

  4. You’ve done a wonderful job with this group, Bryan and I’m pleased to be part of this wonderful networking concept. Keep up the great work. We appreciate you!

  5. Bryan Daly says:

    Thank you for the kind words. It’s great to have you here.

  6. Bryan: The site looks like it gets better and more interactive every day! So happy to be a part of it all. I know you and Mike Feiger and Jeff Manz and other members of the Advisory Committee have worked long and hard to make this vision a reality!

    I look forward to helping my business colleagues and friends make the transition to using the new site to its fullest capacity. Thanks again!

  7. Hi Bryan,

    I am so excited about this website and the many opportunities it presents! Your diligent work and commitment is so appreciated.
    I look forward to developing many fond relationships.

  8. Bo Wolfand says:

    Palm Beach Business Connection…a place to belong!…a path to follow!

    The opportunities are as big as your giving hart and could become a reality if you meet them half way. This group is building paths to such ways by giving you FREE tools thus helping you better yourself and your business. It will ultimately be on you to decide which path is the one to follow, but you should always remember that what goes around comes around and I mean it in a most positive way. GIVING, meeting people and building alliances, planting seeds by helping and offering free advice, but most off all getting noticed and remembered is what this is all about. Lets build the paths to better future… together.

    Bo Wolfand (Rent-A-Bookkeeper.inc)

  9. Steve Marinaccio says:

    I don’t know how people get excited by crap like American Idol but not get excited about their business’s! Bryan Daly and Jay Block have showed me the way to not only be a better businessman, but to be a better person! Hanging out on Friday’s at Oakwood with Jay is like hanging out with Nappolian Hill! I’m very fortuate to be involved with people like Jeff Manz,Michael Feiger,Rose-Anne Raies. Fred King, Brian Murphy, Phillis Krupp and David Steinfeld

  10. Milly Taylor says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you Bryan for bringing this all together. I hope to become a valuable contributor.

  11. Bryan Daly says:

    Here is the playback from May 27th “Feature Friday” call http://bit.ly/jUrR4o Stop Motion Images

  12. Jackie Rea says:

    Thanks for meeting yesterday and I’m glad I was able to connect Donna Ceriani…great job after hours @ Spotos!

  13. wendi Blum says:

    I love the sincerity and the professionalism of your video and website. I look forward to connecting in Palm Beach.
    To Sharing Success,

  14. Great Video Bryan! It is sincere and right to the point. Says it all. I am proud to be associated with the group.

  15. Thank you for offering an excellent way to build networks & learn more about what each of us in this community are doing. Having recently moved to FL (from NC), this venue is an excellent way to build & link the networks I’m establishing with others in our geographic locale. I appreciate you laying the foundation & look forward to contributing to innovative cutting edge options for networking & collaborating in the future.

    • Bryan Daly says:

      Tina it is great to have you with us
      I would like to know more about you and how
      the group can help you
      Let’s talk soon
      561 246-1404

      Warm regards
      Bryan Daly

  16. Marc Gagnon says:

    As a banker, I look for solutions and equip my customers with the proper financial knowledge to borrow in a smart fashion as well as have the proper tools to better function. Many times, I will refer the proper services to assist them.

  17. Alice Nelson says:

    I continue to be impressed with the quality, professionalism, character and commitment of this group! I so appreciate the organized focus on relationships, referrals and helping each other grow. Great site, great resources, great group!

  18. A client of mine’s daughter needs help from a Microsoft Certified Service person. She lost her website and needs help immediately. She is a broadcast professional.

    I don’t know how to better refer someone from our group than this blog. I am illiterate using this medium still. Hopefully someone will relay this to a member who can call her. She is leaving town on Wednesday for a week and needs immediate help.

    Her name is Susan Cingari, 561 248-2223. Tell her her mother’s insurance agent referred you. Thank you.

    George Grokhowsky
    American Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

    • Hi George,

      I know you posted your comment quite some time ago but I may have a friend that can help your client. Has someone already been in contact with them?

      Allison Wilgus
      Health Brokers of Florida

  19. Wonderful site, great video, and better members, group is growing per day. Keep the great work!

  20. Phyllis Krupp says:

    Yesterday’s lunch and learn was great! And what a great turn out! It is so nice to see all the new faces (and the old ones of course) attend the PBBC’s functions. Things are really rolling and I am thrilled to be a part of this group.

  21. I am happy there are some many quality business professionals that are a part of this group! Looking forward to helping grow as many businesses as possible. If you are new to networking, I would be delighted to assist you in the process!
    May each of you have a fun, prosperous relationship building experience in this MARVELOUS group!

  22. Fred King says:

    What a great event. Brian,,,again a perfect result…So very glad to be an active member and co-founder of such a group…Thanks for all your efforts…and thanks to all of you who came, drank,ate,and mixed. That’s what it’s all about.
    Fred King

  23. Fred King says:

    OMG….I meant BRYAN not Brian..
    and it was good to see the “other” Brians also!

  24. I seoond Fred’s comments – thank you Bryan for again taking the time and putting in the effort to put that event together. It was very nice of others to donate their time and products and was great to see old friends and make new ones. All hail Bryan Daly !

  25. Rob Murphy says:

    Just joined, I have worked in Palm Beach County for 6 years and am a lifelong resident, but relatively new to owning my own business. Looking forward to the next event, meeting, networking, learning etc.


  26. Rose Sexton says:

    Would it make sense to create links from this blog to member blogs and vice versa?

  27. Great tool you have built here Brian, I will most certainly all of my clients, and look forward to having coffee with you soon.

  28. Lamar says:

    I have now been to only two networking events of the Broward Business Connection and I have to say I am very impressed by the way it works. Here America is in one of the most challenging periods in its history, economically. If there ever was a time for individual people to be lifting one another up in terms of their REAL VALUE in the marketplace, NOW is the time. And, I feel very fortunate to have found a PLACE where what is REALLY NEEDED is actually demonstrated in REAL TIME – the Broward Business Connection.

    Now, I realize I cannot bottle and sell what I see happening in that room at Lester’s Diner every other Tuesday morning. But, with Bryan’s help I hope to find an effective way to share it with people who desperately need it. After all, there are some folks in this world who need to be shown what is actually possible when you value PEOPLE more than numbers and protocols. Who might I be referring to? Quite simply, the folks who are in some way are connected to the Workforce Investment Act of the United States Congress.

  29. Well done, I read it two times

  30. Lamar Morgan says:

    I want to thank the folks of the Business Connection for reaching out to Northern California’s “Quiet Wine County,” by setting up the Lake County, CA Business Connection Linkedin Group. This is really needed. While only three hours away from Silicon Valley, this rural Northern California county needs training in social media. How is it that I would know? Because I lived there for nearly a decade. So, I applaud the Business Connection efforts to reach out to them. With that in mind, I want to encourage all those South Florida entrepreneurs with an interest in doing business with folks in California’s Quiet Wine Country to go ahead and join this Linkedin Group. It’s time folks in that part of the world learned how “givers always gain.”

  31. Bryan,
    Thank you for Palm Beach Business Connection. This group is proving to be beneficial in building my network and young business. Thank you for all that you are doing not only for me, but for other business professionals.
    Alan Beveridge

  32. Fred King says:

    Just had a one-on-one with Santa. He wants to join the group, but can’t decide on a category. He wants to copy my list of people who have done a one-on-one with me (because those are the “good ones”). I talked him into including everyone who will contact me to set up a 1-on-1 from now through January–and my schedule will fill up quickly–so call me, don’t be afraid, just call me (e mail works better).
    Merry Christmas to ALL ….May you get what you want, and if not, Let me Help!
    Fred King..Fred King…FRED KING

  33. Lamar Morgan says:

    Attention all Business Connection members – If you have Saturday morning free, go to Soto’s Oyster Bar at 4500 PBA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens and meet best-selling author, Jason Womack. If you have his book, “Your Best Just Got Better,” take it with you and have it autographed. But, that’s not all. Take a picture with your cell phone camera of the book and Jason. Then, send it to Jason for inclusion on his website. Give yourself some well-deserved FREE publicity. But even that is not all. Find out from Jason where the world is headed in terms of technology and finance. Jason has just concluded to conferences that deal with that issue. So, here’s your opportunity to ask an efficiency expert where the world is going. And yes, this special opportunity is brought to you by…The Business Connection. So, go for it!

    Lamar Morgan

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